Malaysian driftwood

SKU: C0219

If you're a fish keeper that constantly battles alkaline tap water, the addition of driftwood can help buffer and maintain a lower pH in your aquarium.

Size 15"x10"
  • Product Info

    • The measurement for each piece is listed. Pieces are measured from the widest points which is usually a thinner branch. So if a piece is only a few inches to big for your tank it can usually be trimmed most of the time without loosing any of it's style. Trimming can be easily done with pliers, snips, saws
    • To prevent tannins from affecting your water chemistry, boil the bonsai driftwood 15 to 30 minutes or soak it for a peroid of 1 week before adding it to the tank. Boiling and soaking driftwood will help facilitate the release of the tannins, thus decreasing the chance that the bonsai driftwood will cause a pH drop in your tank.
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